50th International Conference

07-13 June 2024

The conference is organized under
the auspices of the Rector of TU-Sofia
Prof. DSc Ivan Kralov

  Honorary Chairman:
Prof. George Venkov (TU-Sofia, FAMI)
Prof. DSc Nedyu Popivanov (SU, FMI)


The proceedings of the International Conference Applications of Mathematics in Engineering and Economics” (AMEE) is indexed in SCOPUS, world's largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed research literature with Scientific Journal Rankings (SJR factor). The AMEE 2024 is part of "Science Days of TU-Sofia" and it is one of 30 forums organized by leading research areas at TU-Sofia. 

Organized by

Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Informatics
Technical University of Sofia

Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics
Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski"

The Annual Conference Applications of Mathematics in Engineering and Economics is held on June 07 - 13 at the ancient town of Sozopol. The main goal of this series of conferences is to bring together experts and young talented scientists from Bulgaria and abroad to discuss the modern trends and to ensure exchange of views in various applications of mathematics in engineering, physics, economics, biology, etc. The peer-reviewed contributions of AMEE are published by American Institute of Physics Conference Proceedings. It is indexed in worldwide scientific databases Scopus with SJR factor. The Organizing Committee encourages the taking part of students and postgraduates and organize a separate youth session. The invited lecturers are supposed to organize special sessions. The Organizing Committee stimulates a special discussion concerning the development and use of software innovations in the scientific computing and the student training in this area. 

50th International Conference AMEE 2024


Prof. Dr David Garlan 

Dean of Master's Program in the School of Computer Science 
Carnegie Mellon University, USA       

Title: Humanizing Software Architecture

Dr Ali Moghiseh  

Team Leader Quantum Image Processing 
Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Mathematics, Germany

Title: A Journey into Popular Quantum Algorithms 

Raffaella Servadei

Prof. Dr Raffaella Servadei

University of Urbino, Italy

Title: Yamabe fractional problems

Prof. Dr Manju Khari 

School of Computer & Systems Sciences
Jawaharlal Nehru University, India

Title: Cybersecurity Crossroads Challenges in the Digital Age 

Prof. Dr Rahul Katarya

School of Computer Science & Engineering
Delhi Technological University, India

Title: Harnessing Artificial Intelligence to Combat Alzheimer: Innovations and Insights

Prof. Dr Samantha Curle 

Director of the MRes programme in Advanced Quantitative Research Methods
University of Bath, UK

Title: Optimising Student Learning Outcomes: ChatGPT's Role in English Medium Education Assessment and Feedback

Velta Lubkina
Prof. Dr. Velta Lubkina 

Director of the Doctoral Study Programme “Educational science”
Riga Technical University

Title: Pedagogical Competence Framework for STEM Academic Staff


The conference promises a future edition that is filled with even more positive and hopeful opportunities

The 49th International Conference on "Applications of Mathematics in Engineering and Economics" took place from June 10 to June 16, 2023, in Sozopol under the theme "SCIENCE AND INNOVATION WITH A CAUSE AND FOR HUMAN BENEFIT." The event featured a highly packed schedule with over 130 participants engaging in paper presentations covering a wide range of topics, including quantum technologies, artificial intelligence, DevOps, virtual reality (VR), and modern applications of mathematics across various disciplines such as industry, physics, biology, and economics.

The AMEE 2023 forum hosted distinguished keynote speakers, including the renowned scientist and father of software architecture, Prof. Len Bass from Carnegie Mellon University, USA, who shared insights on "Why we should be interested in DevOps." Additionally, Dr. Selvakumar Ramachandran from Oxford University presented his experiences with modern technologies like virtual and augmented reality and their potential applications in supporting individuals with disabilities.


Local Organizing Committee

Ivanka Durchova
Desislava Apostolova
Alexander Petkov
Stoyan Popov
Plamen Spahiev

International Programme Committee

Andreas Weinmann (Germany)
Myriam Maumy (France)
Frédéric Bertrand (France)
Ana Moita (Portugal)
Aleksey Nikolov (Bulgaria)
Lubomir Dechevsky (Norway)
Maya Stoyanova (Bulgaria)
Rahul Katarya (India)
Vladimir Georgiev (Italy)
Tsvetan Hristov (Bulgaria)
Vesela Pasheva (Bulgaria)
Virginia Kiryakova (Bulgaria)
Daniela Bímová (Czech Republic)
Tynysbek Kalmenov (Kazakhstan)
Michail Konstantinov (Bulgaria)



Local Organizing Committee
e-mail: amee@tu-sofia.bg
tel: +359 2 965 3379

Special Workshops:


"Quantum Technologies, Machine Learning and Classical Methods"
 organized by
    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Desislava Ivanova         
Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria
           Prof. Dr. Andreas Weinmann           
Hochschule Darmstadt, Germany

"Fractional Calculus, Special Functions and Applications"
organized by
Prof. DSc Virginia Kiryakova, Prof. DSc Jordanka Paneva
Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

"Green Energy Conversion Systems: The Role of AI and Dynamic Models"
organized by
Prof. PhD Ana Moita 
Technical University of Lisbon

"Partial Differential Equations and Applications"
organized by
Prof. DSc Nedyu Popivanov 
Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski, Bulgaria

"Software Sciences and Innovation for Interactive Presentation of Bulgarian Cultural and Historical Heritage"
organized by
Prof. DSc Anna-Maria Totomanova
Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski"

"Digitalization and Innovation in Pedagogy"
organized by
Prof. Ivaylo Peev
Technical University of Sofia 

"Intelligent Technologies and Approaches in Education"
organized by
Prof. Elena Paunova-Hubenova
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Sponsor: Research and Development Sector by the Technical University of Sofia

Last update: January 10, 2024